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Ako Cromwell serves as the Director of Global Security of the AME Finance Department. Coming from a background of almost 30 years with law enforcement and security at the municipal and federal government levels, Ako is driven to ensure that the African Methodist Episcopal church exists as a safe haven for worshipers all around the world. With a focus on bridging linguistic and cultural barriers, he will provide a safe environment for worship while emphasizing the diverse and international backgrounds of our faith.


Although Ako was born in Baltimore, he spent more than 24 years in the Athens and Atlanta areas of Georgia; while there, he attended and graduated from the University of Georgia.


With a passion for travel and language, he has lived in 3 different nations and traveled to a total of 65 countries. His other hobbies include: slow barbecue cooking, roasting coffees of the world, motorcycling, and SCUBA diving. Ako and his wife have two sons. Having been raised most of his life in the AME church, he is very familiar with the church and deeply invested in its success.


Ako looks forward to this opportunity to fulfill this vision of caring for and protecting all our brothers and sisters around the world.

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